About Heritage Business International, L3C

Mission and Purpose


Heritage Business International helps heritage organizations increase their value, sustainability, and heritage impact in a global marketplace. We help your organization become stronger by providing:

  • capacity building to make your organization more efficient, sustainable, and profitable;
  • business education and training for heritage professionals;
  • industry data, market intelligence, strategic analyses, economic contexts, and forward-looking forecasts to allow for quantitative strategic decision making; and
  • economic analyses for organizational and project feasibility.

Our premise is simple: the stronger your business, the greater your chance of achieving your heritage goals. We bring heritage-specific business expertise to

  • compliance consulting (CRM) firms,
  • preservation non-profits,
  • tourism companies,
  • architectural firms,
  • heritage attractions,
  • educational institutions,
  • heritage media companies, and
  • museums/archives/repositories.

Increase your organization’s value, sustainability, and heritage impact!

How we are Different


  • We are a L3C social enterprise venture with a mission to strengthen heritage organizations, not to maximize our profits.
  • We have M.B.A. and heritage degrees. We understand your heritage goals and have the business tools to help you reach them. We also have years of experience as executives and managers for heritage organizations.
  • Discounts! We tie our rates to your revenue so even small organizations can benefit from our services.
  • Confidentiality. We won’t work with you without a non-disclosure agreement and don’t disclose the names of our clients without their permission.
  • We only work for organizations in the heritage industry. We are heritage business consultants not generic business consultants who will work for anyone.
  • We don’t take every client. We only work for organizations that are truly committed to sustained business change and improvement. We work hard for our clients and want to make sure our efforts are invested in organizations where our partnership will result in a larger and more sustainable heritage impact.



Christopher D. Dore

Strategist, Analyst, Consultant

Christopher holds both a Ph.D. in anthropology and an M.B.A. in business administration. He has held senior and executive positions, including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President, Regional Manager, and Office Director, for leading heritage and environmental firms. Like many, though, his start in the heritage industry was as a laboratory and field technician. Christopher believes that professional service is an important part of practice. He has served his profession as the President of the American Cultural Resources Association, Treasurer of the Society for American Archaeology, Editor of Advances in Archaeological Practice: A Journal of the Society for American Archaeology, and Treasurer of Archaeology Southwest. He currently serves as the President of the Register of Professional Archaeologists. Since he returned to school to complete his M.B.A., his passion has been bringing better business practices to the heritage industry.


Anna Schneider

Analyst, Consultant

Anna is an archaeologist with a background in public outreach, social media, and heritage management. She holds both an M.A. in anthropology and an M.B.A. in business administration. Anna is passionate about using this unique degree combination to bring both archaeological expertise and business know-how to the heritage industry. A digital marketing enthusiast, Anna has served on both the Society for American Archaeology Media Relations Committee as well as the CU Boulder Department of Anthropology Social Media Team. Additionally, Anna is an advocate for science communication, and is an organizer of ComSciCon- an annual Harvard and MIT sponsored science communication workshop.



Heritage Business International is organized as an L3C corporation in Vermont, United States. An L3C is a low-profit, social enterprise venture that has a stated goal of performing a socially beneficial purpose, not maximizing profits.

Definition of the Heritage Industry


The heritage industry is comprised of a variety of for-profit, non-profit, and low-profit organizations in the following sectors.

  • Heritage Compliance. Consulting work done by cultural resource management firms for environmental compliance.
  • Heritage Tourism. Travel and travel-related tourism to heritage resources, areas, and attractions.
  • Heritage Media. Magazines, television, software, and books focused predominantly on heritage and heritage content.
  • Heritage Research, Preservation, and Education. Organizations focused on conducting heritage research, student and professional training, and preservation activities.
  • Heritage Attractions. The management and operation of specific heritage attractions including museums.
  • Heritage Design and Construction. Architectural, planning, and construction firms specializing in heritage resources.



Do you have an M.B.A., a master’s degree in a heritage discipline, and heritage work experience? If you do, we certainly want to hear from you! We sometimes have full-time positions available and often have part-time and project-based work for which we need help. Even if you are not currently available or aren’t looking for employment, we would still love to know who you are. Please contact us.

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