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Increase the value, sustainability, and impact of your cultural heritage organization.


Business consulting, support, & outsourcing for


  • cultural resource management (CRM) firms
  • museums
  • historic preservation organizations
  • commercial archaeology consultancies
  • historic sites


A firm that understands the unique cultures, values, missions, and motivations of cultural heritage organizations and their professionals.


How We Help

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Heritage Business International helps cultural heritage organizations increase their value, sustainability, and impact in a global marketplace. We do this by partnering with organizations to advance their research, preservation, and education goals through capacity building, business education, industry data, and preservation economics.

Heritage Business Education

The heritage workforce is predominantly composed of heritage-trained professionals. While these professionals tend to be highly-educated achievers, when did they learn anything about business? It’s hard to expect them to achieve great business results without providing them with some business training. We help to fill that knowledge gap.

Capacity Building Consulting

Building the capacity of your organization means making adjustment to optimize its efficiency and sustainability, and to ensure that it grows in value. In making these adjustments, your organization increases its ability to achieve its heritage mission and make a bigger impact.

Industry Data, Analyses, and Forecasting

Successful organizations make data-based decisions. However, obtaining heritage industry data is difficult. Heritage Business International provides our clients with industry data, market intelligence, strategic analyses, economic contexts, and forward looking forecasts to allow for the quantitative, strategic decision making that make heritage organizations smart, nimble, and competitive.


Heritage Business International is accredited by the Market Research Society.

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Preservation Economics

Preserving, renovating, and revitalizing historic properties must make economic sense. Heritage Business International provides the economic analyses required to evaluate project feasibility.

Law & Policy

Expert services for the legal and policy communities. Please see ArchyExpert.com.

Our premise is simple:  the stronger your business, the greater your chance of achieving your heritage goals. We bring heritage-specific business expertise to compliance consulting (CRM) firms, historic preservation organizations, tourism companies, architectural firms, heritage attractions, heritage media, and museums / archives / repositories. Increase your heritage organization’s value, sustainability, and impact!